CFA INC. has been in existence since 1994. Our team of consultants work with individuals to help them improve team relations and work more effectively as a group, allowing them to evolve as significant positive factors in reaching organizational goals.

We use a unique dynamic and experiential approach, and our aim is to support each client in reaching his or her own specific objectives.



We organize various teambuilding activities (indoor or outdoor) to meet a range of needs. We can help you:

  • Work towards a team-oriented culture within your organization or team
  • Build team spirit within a specific group (big or small)
  • Develop ownership for a project or for your organization
  • Teach people to identify and subscribe to a team’s mission and values
  • Resolve relational problems within a specific team dynamic (individual or team conflicts)
  • Have fun, through simple activities, with your team.


Our leadership program starts with an experiential action learning session of two days which offers participants the opportunity to get to know themselves in their leadership roles. This leadership session was developed in collaboration with the Université de Sherbrooke and is still offered in various programs.

Following this session, CFA plays a development role by offering various seminars for managers, each adapted to the client’s specific needs. Within a period of two months to a year, we can help you develop a management culture focused on ownership and teamwork.


We organize full-day or half-day manager seminars that help participants assume their roles more comfortably and with more professionalism. Examples of these seminars are:

  • Mission and values for better management
  • Manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Planning as a management tool
  • Team dynamics: What do I have to know and do
  • Better communication for better understanding
  • Giving a mobilizing feedback to an employee
  • Managing different personality styles
  • Managing a conflict within a team (individual or team conflicts)


With a specific but adaptable approach, our consultants can help you in dealing with a conflictual situation involving two individuals or a whole team.


Our coaches will help you find answers, not only by offering theirs, but mainly by accompanying you as you deal with your professional situations and issues.


We can help you:

  • Develop a global mobilization strategy for your team (big or small)
  • Develop a training program focused on different objectives for your team dynamics or your managerial culture and abilities.


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